The heart of the Drupalcon experience much like Drupal itself, is the community. My biggest highlights and takeaways from this Drupalcon Baltimore centered around the people. Here are a few of my experiences and reasons why (with pictures).


As a member of the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion Working Group it was a highlight of my experience to volunteer time working at the DD&I booth on the expo floor. It was an unique chance to meet the diverse members of the Drupal community. The agency I work for Genuine, donated time and resources to create an instance of our FotoOpp app for DD&I to use at the booth. I enjoyed seeing it in action capturing the different #humansofdrupal.

Having my photo taken for the Drupal Diversity and Inclusion booth
The wonderful @sugaroverflow taking my photo for the DD & I booth


Drupalcon Baltimore was my seventh Drupalcon and my second one as a session speaker. The number of people who attended my session on "how to foster team success" was humbling. As was all the positive feedback. I am very thankful to the Drupal Association for providing me a chance once again to speak. Specific thanks to Amanda Gonser (Program Manager) and Joe Shindelar (my track chair).

Getting ready to present my Drupalcon Session
Getting ready to present my Drupalcon Session on Fostering Team success


One of the biggest takeaways were the personal connections that I fostered. It was great to see old friends and to make new ones.  Learning what people love about Drupal and progress they have been making towards their own personal successes and just having fun.

Photobooth fun with members of the Drupal Community
Photobooth fun with members of the Drupal Community


I appreciated the warm, welcoming, and friendly environment that everyone promotes while at Druplacon. I felt like I could walk up to anyone and start a meaningful conversation, of which I had many. Such as having coffee and buns (at one of the coffee shops I wanted to visit) with Adam Bergstein, discussing ideas on how to collaborate with each other (future details to come).


A big shout out to Evolving Web for their creative idea to hand out carnations and encourage people to give #drupalthanks. It gave me a chance to meet one of my speaker idols, Jeff Eaton and share a few moments discussing presenting and Drupal.


Finally , this year Genuine was able to send many more members of my team to Drupalcon, some for the first time. If you’d like to know their takeaways, we recently published a blog post about it. It was great to have a chance to bond with my team, share in the Drupalcon excitement experience and chow down on some crabs!

Sharing a crab boil with some of my team
Some of the @WeAreGenuine PHP team enjoying a crab boil.


So thank you to all the attendees of Drupalcon Baltimore. It’s the people and the community who make the event an amazing time. Look forward to seeing you all in Nashville!