This year I have been fortunate enough to find the time to read fifty books. I read books not just for pleasure, but also for knowledge and personal growth. Alternating between fiction and nonfiction. There are four books I read this year which have been impactful in my professional growth.


Talking with Tech Leads by Patrick Kua.

This book in a collection of interviews with tech leads. The book separates itself into three sections. Interviews with those new to leading a team, those with a few years experiences and experienced leaders. Each interview focuses around the techniques and methods that have been helpful leading a team.

As a team lead myself, I appreciated the practical advice I received from reading this book. The sheer number of interviews across many experience levels highlights the commons skills of a great leader. I gained a sense of what practices and skills to focus on to become a better team leader.

Anyone who is in the position to lead a technical team should give this book a read. No matter your experience level you will find an interview that is relatable. From this you should be able to gain some valuable insights and lessons.


Notes to a Software Team Leader by Roy Osherove.

This book is full of honest advice, methods and skills to use as a leader of software teams. Outlined are various techniques and skills a team leader can use to grow and strengthen their team. From growing a new team, dealing with conflicts, to building up individual team members. This book covers the whole gauntlet of what it means to be a successful team leader.

I found this book to be helpful in not only growing myself but also my team. The advice and methods in this book reshaped how I approached being a leader. I made me shift my focus on growing the members of my team and supporting their needs and skills.

Anyone who is a leader of a development team or who hopes to reach that position should read this book. You will find methods and techniques for improving all aspects of your team. In doing so you will also improve yourself.


The Passionate Programmer by Chad Fowler.

This book is full of practical knowledge developers can use to help shape and grow their careers. The book outlines how to improve your attitude towards work. How to increase your programming skills and potential. As well as, how to keep that spark of inspiration and creativity toward programming.

As a developer I took hold to the lessons taught in this book. It made me how re-evaluate and manage my development time. Allowing me to build my skill set in a way that aligns with my career growth. It also taught me how to keep me engaged and passionate with development and programming.

Anyone who works as a programmer will enjoy reading this book. The lessons on how to shape and grow your career will benefit those new to programming. Experienced programmers will benefit with how to maintain their growth and passion for development.


How to Make Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

First published in 1936m this book helps teach underlying principles of productive communication. From how to express your ideas, extrude leadership, start conversations to avoiding destructive confrontations. This book covers a lot of important skills on how to engage to with other people.

An important part of my career and life is communicating with others. From talking with clients, speaking at conferences to engaging with my local the barista. There are many areas I can improve my communication. Within just a few chapters I found myself using the skills outlined. I began to have more productive and meaningful communications with everyone and anyone.

Just about everyone should read this book. We all could improve our ability to communicate and listen. This book outline the practical skills to do so.


There you have it, the four books I have read this year which have had the most impact on my professional growth. I hope you will find at lead one of these books helpful in your own professional growth.