If you are a Drupal developer who has been looking into the changes coming with Drupal 8 then you may have heard the term Dependency Injection.

When giving presentations my framework of choice is Reveal.js.

One of the biggest benefits of the AJAX framework introduced in Drupal 7 were callback commands, functions which return a json object of commands to run for any AJAX request. Callback commands, like many things in Drupal, are extensible meaning you can create and invoke your own.

DrupalCon LA marked my fifth time attending a North American DrupalCon. As the con wraps up and I reflect on the sessions I attended, the BoF's I participated in and the many conversations I had, there is one thing I know I am bringing with me back to Boston.

One of the crucial steps in building any Drupal project is selecting which modules to use.  When you are reviewing your functionality needs you may ask yourself;

When working on an issue during a Drupal sprint, (such as the upcoming 2015 Drupal Global Sprint weekend), you may find yourself needing to contribute code changes.

To implement a multilingual solution that covers all aspects of a Drupal site takes plenty of modules, configuration, time and knowledge.

Over the years I have come to realize that one of the most important skills that any great developer needs is the ability to accurately estimate.

I recently picked up the Arduino Starter Kit, so I could start experimenting with hardware and circuits.