This past weekend I took part in the Boston Hack Day Challenge; a weekend long event where teams of developers, designers and programming geeks formed teams and competed to build the best app in a single weekend. To quote the event description:

So the other day in the shower I began to think,  If I had (t) number of cans and I wanted to place them in a triangular stack how could I figure out how many cans need to be on the bottom row (r) and how many rows would it take to get to the top of the stack?

When you write code there are two overlying important aspects to remember. First being that your code is semantically correct (else it wont work, duh) and readability.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again, I love my job and where I work (Genuine Interactive).  It's an environment that fosters hard work, creativity and great results.  It's also a place where the guys in charge have made it clear that everyone can chime in and express their ideas for proj