The heart of the Drupalcon experience much like Drupal itself, is the community. My biggest highlights and takeaways from this Drupalcon Baltimore centered around the people. Here are a few of my experiences and reasons why (with pictures).


I love traveling around the world attending and speaking at various conferences. They provide the opportunity to engage with the diverse and enthusiastic communities.  To share knowledge and ideas and our common interests.

This year I was fortunate to be able to attend the 2016 North American Drupalcon in New Orleans. It was a week filled with all things Drupal. From sessions and conversations to networking and parties.

DrupalCon LA marked my fifth time attending a North American DrupalCon. As the con wraps up and I reflect on the sessions I attended, the BoF's I participated in and the many conversations I had, there is one thing I know I am bringing with me back to Boston.

I have attended Drupalcon for the past three years, and in that time I have learned that the experience can be bucketed into three sections; the community, the sessions and the city. I was happy to discover that Drupalcon Portland was no exception.

My first session of Drupalcon run by Jeff Eaton,  sadly was stripped of all burrito analogies. But, lucky it was not stripped of great information about how the "Drupal Stack" is layered.

All this week I am in Denver attending the 2012 Drupalcon, and I am doing my best to blog about all that I learn.  The core of drupal is of course the open source of knowledge.