Since childhood I have known I wanted to be a developer. From early beginnings of reformatting the family computer (sometimes unsuccessfully), generating ASCII images in AOL chatrooms, building my first HTML/JS websites on angelfire and geo-cities, helping co-teach the HTML & Flash classes at my high school to getting my drivers license and first job at a web agency at the same time.
If it has to do with computers and the Internet, I have always wanted to be a part of it.

Since 2002 I have worked in some way or another as a developer with various web technologies.

  • I have worked as a Front-end developer (HTML, CSS, javascript, jQuery, JSON, Responsive)
  • I have worked as a database administrator (Database Design, MySQL, MSSQL, Solr)
  • I have worked as a backend developer (OOP, Restful API's, Zend Framework, Wordpress plugins, Drupal modules)

For the last 5 years my main focus has been on PHP and Drupal (6,7 & 8) working as the Associate Director of PHP at Genuine Interactive, which has allowed me to work on some amazing projects.

In my free time I enjoy experimenting with other technologies and techniques such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Python.

When not working on the web I enjoy camping, kayaking, rock climbing, playing guitar/banjo, cooking and I am a big fan of Doctor Who

You can find me on: